Best quality model kits in 1/72 and 1/35  
  1/16 - PE parts for armor
  Cat No.    

1/72 scale

Part A001-72 Wz.29 Polish armored car  
  Part A002-72 Ursus A Polish Light Truck   
  Part A003-72 Ursus A-20 polish Light Tank  
  Part A004-72 TK-3 Polish reconnaissance tank  
  Part A005-72 TKS Polish tankette  
  Part A006-72 TKW Polish reconnaissance tank  
  Part A007-72 URSUS A Polish Light Truck (tankette transporter)  
  Part A008-72 TATRA - armored trolley  
  Part A009-72 T-27 Soviet tankette  
  Part A008-73    
  Part A009-73    

1/35 scale

  Part A011-35 T-27 Soviet Tankette  
  1/35 - PE parts for armor  
  1/48 - PE parts for armor  
  1/72 - PE parts for armor  
  1/32 - PE parts for aircraft  
  1/48 - PE parts for aircraft  
  1/72 - PE parts for aircraft  
  Ships, diorama and nets  
  1/35 and 1/72 model kits  
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